"There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it, or you can inspire it." - Simon Sinek

The "I" in this story is not ME, specifically. "I" is a generalization. This person that I am referring to is someone you may already know or someone you've never even met. But this someone is a person you follow on social media. You "like" all their overly posed and filtered pictures, and their cliche captions and hashtags. This person always looks put together; annoyingly so. Their swag is the latest and greatest. Their home is immaculate. Their closet overflows with name brands and high end designers. You love to hate them and you hate to love them. This person makes you feel like crap. This person's life looks better than yours........................................................but, It's not...

Because this person doesn't exist.

The idea we have that people are who they appear to be on social media is ridiculous. You think you know someone based off their profile bio's? You don't. Yet, we drown ourselves in news feed scrolling and internet stalking. We don't even realize we're doing it, until suddenly we feel small. Less than. Unoriginal. And we start to compare ourselves to these doctored pictures of super models and blogger moms. 

Stop being fooled by an Instagram picture. A picture is a moment caught in time. Just that. A moment. You're not seeing the WHOLE PICTURE. Ask any photographer that specializes in 'family sessions.' They may be able to capture a split second of smiles and hugs but they'll tell you that every time the flash ends the children cry, the mom rolls her eyes and the dad is oblivious. Every time. 

So, I'm here to call out the "I" in this video. The bloggers, the vloggers, the "influencers". They are not as perfect as they appear to be and you should NOT model your life after them. They do a really good job of setting up their "feed" but they are JUST LIKE YOU! 

If I (and I do mean I this time, as in ME, Keli B!) ..If I have fooled you into thinking my life is glamorous, or my days are always full of laughter and fun, or if I've made you believe I'm better than you, I HAVE FAILED! But you have also failed. See, it isn't my job to convince you I'm just as normal as you are. You believe what you want to. BUT I do strive to always keep it real and I hope you know that. I hope I can be a refreshing twist to your daily scrolling. I hope I can uplift you and help you see the space you take up in this world is worth filling! I hope I can convince you of your true beauty. I hope I can put a smile on your face. And I hope this will help you see your worth and stop you from your inner comparison struggle, because....


Keli Bowen